The Chronicles of the Abstract Concepts: Truth

The chronicles of the abstract concepts: an anthology of 5 poems touching 5 different abstract concepts (notions of states, qualities or relations). Each abstract concept is conveyed using concrete concepts (notions of physical entities, events, objects or persons). I hope that this contrast aids in understanding of each abstract concept. Reflect and enjoy!

The Moon brings light in the dark … much like the ‘truth’



The truth manifests when the light of day goes to rest,

It brings forth light when the dark is abundant,

It is the radiance that illuminates hidden deceit,

Its glare stares to the discomfort of the dishonest,

For it casts light upon the lies of the shadows,

It uncovers the falsities in the tenebrous self,

It reveals the fabrications of the devious,

It exposes the perjurer in their somber state,

It is relentless in its quest to strip the dimness from the untruthful.

Across the sky it ventures offering its grace,

It never shies away,

It will come with its illumination,

It will come with its ivory armour,

Ready to wage war against the speech of the romancer,

It’s victory is the inevitability that stands on the breastplate of the fabulist,

It establishes its round white flag high in the sky,

It is for all to see.

Indeed the truth comes in many forms,

Crescent or full,

The wolves howl at ‘were’ the truth is most full,

And the truth soars with the song cries of the pack,

It hunts down its prey at night,

It gnaws on the bones of the fibster,

It is the Alpha,

It may not begin but it is the end,

For the words of the truth forever shine,

And the words of the truth never blind.

The truth has not two faces,

It speaks not behind ones back,

It knows not of the parseltongue the serpent speaks,

It stands before all bare,

It hides nothing,

It distorts nothing …

It is the lunar gospel,

It is the luminescence of Artemis,

It is the face of Selene,

The truth has only a single face,

For there is no dark side of the moon.

Artemis, the Goddess of the moon, and her wolves with a full moon in the background, all of which are depicted in this poem and are expressed in the context of truth

Written by Timi Sanusi

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