The Chronicles of the Abstract Concepts: Freedom

The chronicles of the abstract concepts: an anthology of 5 poems touching 5 different abstract concepts (notions of states, qualities or relations). Each abstract concept is conveyed using concrete concepts (notions of physical entities, events, objects or persons). I hope that this contrast aids in understanding of each abstract concept. Reflect and enjoy!

The Wind and Freedom are somewhat linked


It is the flow released from each breath of life,

The current that dances around the globe,

It is the unending cavorting between the stars of the sky and the soils of the earth,

Free for it flows beyond all confines,

It is the adversary of limitation,

It is the partner of emancipation,

It is the stream that runs parallel to liberty,

It awakens one to the autarchy of their volition,

It unlocks the cascade of wilful actions.

Freedom is the melodic drift that plays with the senses,

It is the symphony that trichkles by the ear,

The consented kiss the runs down the skin,

It is the flavoured speech that tantalises the buds of the tongue,

And the gale that blows one away,

Indeed it is powerful upon realisation,

It need not ask for permission,

It simply … runs away …

Neither the past or the future tames its journey,

It flows without trajectory.

Freedom is the chilled breeze that threatens the tyrant,

It is the anchor that keeps democracy afloat,

It laughs at the so called ‘land of the free’,

For this ‘great nation’ ridicules true freedom,

It is a land that is barren and breathless,

The seeds of freedom board no gusts in such a place,

Such a land claims freedom but knows not of its existence,

A nation that freely deceives,

A nation that freely lies:

‘the land of the free’;

Freedom brings togetherness,

It does not birth anarchy,

It gives flight to the nomos,

It brings Ordo Ab Chao.

Those who enslave are those without freedom,

Subjugated by the thirst to control,

Imprisoned by their hunger to oppress

Freedom gives wings to those who’ve sought flight,

For freedom is the song that the caged birds sing,

It is the walk of Mandela while Robbeneiland stares from behind,

It is the tempest that weakens the slaves shackles,

Freedom is for you,

Freedom is for me,

It is the promise without fee.

I love this photo, the power of Freedom!
The seeds of Freedom

Written by Timi Sanusi

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