The Chronicles of the Abstract Concepts: Goodness

The chronicles of the abstract concepts: an anthology of 5 poems touching 5 different abstract concepts (notions of states, qualities or relations). Each abstract concept is conveyed using concrete concepts (notions of physical entities, events, objects or persons). I hope that this contrast aids in understanding of each abstract concept. Reflect and enjoy!

An African depiction of Gaia, the mother of Earth and a symbol of ‘Goodness’ 


Goodness is the granting of integrity to an exuberant blossom,

It is the roots that allow for the elevation of potential,

For it is the foundation of the Hyperion,

In the name of goodness the blossom bows to Helios,

Humbles to the Illumination of Apollo,

And in the name of goodness the blossom becomes rich.

The seed without goodness is free from its sprout,

Free from germination,

Free from its purpose,

It is devoid of meaning,

For its tale is but a truncation,

Fallen into despair,

Fallen into an eternal wish for impetus,

It sees without sight,

It moves without stride,

The seed is oblivious to growth.

The soils of Gaia are dense such nutrients,

Nutrients so ‘good’ for the conjuring of life,

And life’s abundance is contingent on goodness as its sustenance,

Grand is its provision of zest,

Great is it’s donation to vitality,

For it is the gift and the core of Gaia,

her ambience is conserved by such virtue,

And her nourishment gives birth to the goodness in man.

Goodness is the stripping of pride,

A veering from the downfall of man,

An aiding in the climb of the Baobab,

An ascension to the hedonism of the canopy,

A defying of the shouldered burden that is gravity,

For every vine is the assisting hand of ‘the form of the good’,

And the ubiquity of the trichomes is the gripping,

For our journey to our pinnacle is rooted in goodness,

and may that journey forever be fruitful.

Baobab Trees are said to be the Trees of life and are a reflection of the ‘Goodness’ in nature

Written By Timi Sanusi

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