Never Too Far

To our dearest,

Mrs Benjamin


You are the warmth that is never too far,

the blazed kindling that keeps one tender on a cold winter’s day,

with passion so vitalising and zest like that of the summer blossom,

you are the cordiality that keeps the core snug,

warm we are that you are never too far.

Blessed are the fruits of your womb,

for they are nourished by your grace and beauty,

grown by the imparted wisdom and discipline you bestow,

nurtured they are by the righteousness of your matriarchy,

as for being within reach, their solace remains rooted,

for your incandescent affection seems infinitely planted,

seeds grow by your nearness and nurture.

Endearing sunlight you bring in the rain,

you are loved,

with a motherly inclination as vast as the waters of the sea,

we are hydrated,

satiated by the comfort of your proximity,

in your name we remain afloat,

buoyant upon the majesty of your influence,

through you there is no fear of deluge,

you are the vessel.

Blessed we are by the alleviating air of your nature,

grateful are the children you breathe life into,

and loving is the husband you share each breath with,

adulation for you enables us to inhale,

appreciative we are that you are never too far.



With Love,

From the Sanusis

Written by Timi Sanusi

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