The Humbling Mother

I wrote this piece on behalf of my brother and I for my mothers 50th birthday, I hope it accentuates the love we have for her. enjoy!

To our dearest Mother,

‘Twas in the second and third decade of our mother’s livelihood

that love incentivised the imparting of such livelihood into children,

the stress of the gestational period was firmly

juxtaposed by the happiness stemming from her delight in passing on the breath of life,

a subtle yet vivacious reminder of the infinite journey of motherhood,

a journey rife with trials,

rife with tribulations,

but in the midst of adversity,

her journey is strengthened in its resolve,

strengthened by the liberty granted by her love,

strengthened by the humility of her child’s infectious smile.

With a predilection for the art of sacrifice,

our mother lives and breathes not for herself,

but for the vitality in others,

with an unrelenting solace in the comfort of others at the expense of her own,

a fine mastery over benevolence indeed,

and indeed such a motherly display challenges the notion of a zenith,

what is hers is mine,

what is hers is ours,

an eternal tango between what is hers and what we have,

a dance harmonised by her altruism,

for she yields her pure essence for another,

with a proclivity for giving what is not there to be given,

and an unparalleled propensity to do for others what others may not do for her,

long is the narrative authored by our mother’s self-sacrifice.

Her most potent remedy is her passion,

and with this remediation she may be subject to passion,

nevertheless, she veers from despair,

a circumvention that allows the soul to heal,

so much so that the elderly spirit may emerge with youthful exuberance,

strong is her encouragement for enthusiasm,

unassailable is her potential to rectify wounds so deep for the eye to see,

yet with her ability to rectify her pride remains balanced,

for who she is rooted in the modesty of her therapeutic demeanour,

ingrained is her flair for bringing a smile to a tear-ridden cheek,

embedded is her readiness to bring warmth to the cold heart,

and firm is her tendency to convert the dejected to contentment,

to heal is in her nature,

and humbled nature is … because of our mother.


From your beloved Sons.

Written by Timi Sanusi

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