To Love When Grey

  Grey grown from the years together, skin without stretch and as soft as a feather, United through the turbulent weather, And they’ve grown till grey, With love stronger than ever Oh, their hearts don’t shy from the frailty of age, Elderly souls fly past an envious cage, Free to love … love they do, […]

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Black Panther

Black Panther, an encapsulation of the beauty of Africa.

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Health and Fitness: My 10 Favourite Hamstring Exercises for Strength and Conditioning

Having suffered from multiple hamstring injuries over the course of my sporting endeavours (playing rugby, football and athletics), my hamstring strength and conditioning has become particularly important. Poor hamstring development lead to repeated injuries that hampered my physical performance and confidence on the playing fields. I fully acknowledged the role of the hamstrings (acceleration/deceleration and […]

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Health and Fitness: My 10 favourite Glute exercises for strength and conditioning

The condition of your glutes is essential for many purposes, particularly those regarding athleticism and aesthetics. The bodies structural integrity is very much dependent on how functional the glutes are and how efficiently they can integrate with other muscles. For athletes, strong glutes will optimise performance; conversely, in terms of aesthetics, developed glutes adds to […]

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My top 5 dietary interventions: for Health, Longevity and Well-being

First and foremost, it is important that I outline that these interventions have their grounding in science. Rigorous academic research has gone into detailing the biological mechanisms underpinning the benefits of such interventions. The benefits include: Cancer prevention and therapy Improved cardiovascular health (improved cardiac output, reduced blood [triglyceride/cholesterol], greater aerobic & anaerobic capacity etc) […]

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The Beast Inside

This is the first poem I ever wrote at the age of 11! I guess the end of my primary school days was also the beginning of my creative life. It’s about a Tiger in Captivity. The Beast Inside Freedom is in my head Freedom cannot be fled The blink of a human’s eyes Tempts […]

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I am a Slave.

A piece inspired by Nate Parkers ‘The Birth of a Nation’. This piece was written with the aim to encourage empathy, despite the difficulty of such a task, I hope this work helps one to adopt the perspective of an African-American slave living in 1831.  

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